Hamster Cages.

Other than enjoying design and craft, I love animals. I have been the proud owner of many pets through my childhood, from rodents to exotic animals. Since moving into Newcastle as a student my pet collection has decreased, but I still manage to keep my corn snake Kairo. A few days ago my long haired Syrian hamster Obi passed away. I thought I might share the cage that I built for him, designed to give him a more natural way of living. It was inspired by the ‘German’ hamster cages, and it’s just under 1m long! R.I.P my little man.




4 thoughts on “Hamster Cages.

    • I plan on getting another hamster sometime this year actually 🙂 Obi died of complications as a young hamster, so everything is still brand new!

    • Hey Caelan,

      The bigger pieces of wood in there are cork tubes/bark from a reptile store. Most reptile stores stock a large variety and you can choose a suitable tunnel size. They are usually a little damp with spiders and Moss etc so you must bake them in the oven for a few hours at a low temperature to dry them out. I’d then suggest using a cheap toilet brush to ensure its clean 🙂

      The other pieces of wood which makes the barrier and the ramp are just the play bridges from pets at home.

      If your looking for more inspiration or answers to questions on anything to do with hamsters then ‘hamster central’ forum is the place to be! I joined there before I had Obi to look at natural cage inspiration before making mine. Everyone is super friendly 🙂

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