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Beautiful gestures and quick thoughts on paper. I feel a lot of designers take the sketching phase for granted in favor of photoshop and illustrator, but sketching is an essential part of good design. These are sketches by Dieter Rams, in a 1984 article for Domus Magazine. It’s remarkable to see how little the finished designs deviate from his initial concepts.




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Simon’s Cat.

Everyone with a cat has times when your sat at home thinking ‘Why is my cat being so stupid?’ Recently I found a collection of short hand drawn animations about the weird things that cats get up to. If you’re an owner, it’s sure to make you laugh! The animations can be found here.

Simons Cat


Lytro is an exiting new camera with some amazing technology, shortly to be released. The Lytro lets you capture and share what you see in an entirely new way. Unlike ordinary cameras, the Lytro records the entire light field, cpaturing all rays of light travelling in every direction through a scene. This means that you can endlessly refocus your images, after they have been taken!

I recommend visiting their website where you can try out this technology in their sample gallery (Go on, it’s fun!).


Empty Memory

With the ever decreasing size of flash drives, Logical Art visualises the abstract space of electronic memory. Since flash drives are becoming smaller, the hollow area implies ‘invisible technology’. The different versions of the flash drive include Structure, a geometric frame and Transparency, a capped style, both intended to represent jewellery.

Empty Memory

Empty Memory2

Empty Memory1

Starting Out.

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet looking for ‘things’ which I find inspirational, so I guess it makes sense for me to post what I find. From now onwards, I’m going to do my best to blog anything and everything I come accross which is interesting. Afterall, design is sharing ideas, right?